Old Medary Ville

the past is a gift to the future

Store expansion brought brother Lee into the business

Map of 

A note here about Frank Baughman's store, and his family. I now have a better "after" picture (after the store was expanded), as well as information that fills in some of the timeline of his tenure as a Medaryville businessman.

As the caption in this picture says, by 1953 this building (as later remodeled) was known as Clark's Drugstore. Later, it was the home of a restaurant owned by Marjorie Fulmer, known as "Marjorie's Potpourri." It was razed, unfortunately, and the new library sits on the site of both parts of the store. Note that the building in the picture above is the western part of the "double" store shown on the next page and elsewhere. The new (east) part left the world first, in a fire on January 12, 1977. That fire is described in detail in the sesquicentennial book......Continue Reading